The Pighounds

Support: The Ballet Bombs


The Pighounds

Grunge duet from Dortmund, Germany.
Two long-time friends. Creating. Roaming the streets. Living at night.
Music is passion and music is love.
After many years and different projects the two musicians
founded their new essence.

This duo just sounds like five.
Expect catchy three and a half minute songs
on THE PIGHOUNDS‘ new album "Hilleboom" (2021, Noisolution)
where you can explore a contemporary version of 90's Alternative Rock, Punk or Grunge.
This album smells like summer and sun, good mood and positive energy.
Soulful and brute at the same time, but always catchy.

The Ballet Bombs

The Ballet Bombs are: Rubin “zwoelboy” van Nistelrooy, Erik “el cahole” van de Beek and Frankie Fuzz. These psychedelic stooges push their sound to the very edge of sonic sanity with crazy interstellar oscillations, drowning reverb and speaker crunching fuzztones! But they’d rather call themselves the Blink 182 of garage fuzz.