Rottstr 5 Theater in Bochum | LYNX LYNX

In a time when the term “Rock” has shriveled to become nothing more than a gleaming sign at ringtone-commercials, LYNX LYNX are travelling ancient prairies hand in hand with The Gories, The Stooges and even with the unique Howlin Wolf ready to create a sound too aggressive and soulful to call it just another throw back 60's garage yawnfest. LYNX LYNX was founded to melt down tympanic membranes by just one howl. It is this quest that made them unite the pack and leave their beloved cave to turn your stage into their riff-mined hunting-ground. May true believers survive the attack.

Bands LYNX LYNX played with:
Brimstone Howl, Radio Moscow, Apache, The Flying Eyes, Thomas Function,
Cheap Time, Blue Angel Lounge, Grampall Jookabox, The Vinyl Stitches, X-Ray Harpoons...


Rottstr 5 Theater in Bochum | THE GREAT FAULTS

THE GREAT FAULTS sind ein Indierock-Duo mit blueseinflüssen à la Black keys, White stripes oder Johnossi. Das Projekt des Sängers u.
Gitarristen Martin Arlo von der Band CHELSY und dem Schlagzeuger Johannes Wagner von BLOONS sind mit ihrem aktuellen Album "messin with the great" unterwegs.


TERMIN: 30. MÄRZ 2012